Prudential Real Estate Q1 Survey: Consumer Confidence in Real Estate, Home Prices Reaches Year-Long High

Prudential Real Estate has released their First Quarter Outlook Survey results. One great stat is that 77% of consumers feel that the real estate market and property values will recover.

Additional Key Observations Include

  • 87% of sellers are committed to seeing a sale through if their home doesn’t sell quickly, and 67% are open to additional guidance from their broker/agent on how to better market their home. 62% are willing to make repairs or redecorate in order to attract more interest.
  • Among all age groups surveyed, Generations X and Y remain most confident that real estate and property values will recover.
  • Confidence among “contemplators” – those who considered buying or selling a home within the past year but didn’t – jumped a full 12 points from Q2 2012 figures.
  • Contemplators’ net favorability of the real estate market increased 10 percentage points over Q2 2012 figures. Primary reasons why contemplators haven’t made a move include “waiting for the right opportunity” and “haven’t found the home I want yet.”
  • 78% of women said homeownership was “very important” vs. 70% of men.

Check out the full report here:

To find an agent and start your home search, visit

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