Shopping Spree to Benefit Christmas Angels

2013-12-16 15.25.00

Michelle Phillips, Rebekah Groebe, Wendy Manning, Chris Hutchings, Mike Frazier

On Monday, December 16, 2013, a group of our agents, staff, and executive team met at Walmart in Lenexa, Kansas, to shop for 115 children.

Kelly and Caitlyn, the daughters of our Lenexa Broker, Jim Manning, started Christmas Angels in 2001 as a way to help parents provide their children with multiple gifts at Christmas. Christmas Angels works with local private schools and organizations to connect with families in need.

Donations are collected from a variety of sources, including our agents, past customers, the National Football League, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The system is like a well-oiled machine: the children are given a list of items to choose from and the list is collected by the school teacher for Christmas Angels. Christmas Angels reviews the list and prepares for the shopping.

2013-12-16 15.11.33

Jim Manning checking off the list with the help of Trish Charlons (KC Title) and Anita Partain.

Because of the large number of donations and children Christmas Angels was able to help this year, our team was called in to help with the shopping. We arrived at Walmart, grabbed the lists and started shopping!

After more than 2 hours of shopping the 15 carts full of toys were taken to a designated check-out. We purchased over 650 items for the 115 children.

We want to thank the Walmart staff. They were prepared, organized, and happy to help us during our hour and a half check out! (Even though we did clear out a number of their shelves.)

2013-12-16 15.38.14

The presents will be delivered to the parents allowing them to wrap and keep the gifts a surprise until Christmas morning.

Visit our Facebook Page for additional pictures from this event!

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