Refresh Bathroom Grout

refreshbathIf your bathroom has older or antique tile that is still attractive, you can make it look newer simply by refreshing the grout. If the grout is eroded, mildewed or stained, you don’t have to hire a professional. You can easily follow these easy steps yourself.

Since most grout comes in standard colors, you can purchase the same color by digging out an eroded sample and matching it. Mix the grout according to instructions and apply. Seal with suggested sealant as needed.

Mildewed grout can be cleaned with products you may already have under the sink. You’ll need white vinegar, liquid bleach (oxygen bleach for septic systems), and mild abrasive cleaner. Don’t use a steel brush because that can scratch the tile. Instead, purchase a new scrub brush with nylon or plastic bristles.

Keeping windows open or fans running, remove as much of the mildew and scrum as possible from the grout and tile, rinsing often. Use the vinegar soaked in paper towels and apply them to the stubborn areas, leaving them to soak into the grout. Check back and lightly brush to see if deeply embedded mildew comes away. Reapply as needed.

Clean the area again, then apply the undiluted bleach with paper towels, leaving them to saturate the grout, repeating as necessary. When you’re satisfied with the process, clean the area again. By keeping the bathroom clean, dry and well-ventilated, you’ll be able to cut down on future mildew issues.

Finish the repair by caulking between the walls, tub or shower and tile and your bathroom will look shiny and new!

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