Telling Children About Moving

sellersThe new school semester is around the corner and you’re preparing to move your kids to a new home, new neighborhood and new school. How can you keep the drama to a minimum?

The younger the child, the less able he or she is to “see into the future.” Children tend to focus on losing what’s familiar, and they worry about missing friends and family. Before you sit down to tell your children about an upcoming move, prepare a comforting strategy:

  1. Let your children know, step by step, what is happening and what is likely to happen next.
  2. List all the advantages in the move. For example, will the family be closer to a favorite person, place, or activity? Will your children be able to see old friends and family?
  3. Share as much as you can about the new home, such as where their rooms and baths are and special features like a new playroom or swimming pool.
  4. Introduce your children to their new home online and in person, if possible. Show them where schools and parks are, and other points of interest to help them orient themselves in their new surroundings.
  5. Be ready for “What about me?” questions. Contact organizations for information about ways to continue your child’s special interests. Knowing they won’t have to give up favorite hobbies or sports goes a long way toward helping children adjust to a new environment.

Your preparedness will go a long way in reassuring your children that their needs are being considered, even while big changes are happening around them as your family prepares to move into a new home.

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