Advice for Sellers With Pets

Nearly two out of three households in the U.S. have one or more pets. While homebuyers may have pets, too, they don’t like to consider homes that have “gone to the dogs.”

Think of buyers as guests who deserve to be safe and relaxed while looking at your home. They can trip over your cat or become frightened by a dog that barks.

This is when crate-training really pays off. You can take your pets with you or board them with loved ones or at a reputable pet care. If you can’t take your pets with you, your pet sitter can come over and quickly crate your animals so you don’t have to reschedule the showing.

Don’t leave your dog in the backyard because the buyer needs access to all of the property. Also, don’t leave your dog next door as your dog may continue to bark. Buyers wont like a barking neighbor’s dog either.

Pet-loving homebuyers won’t overlook stained carpets and bad odors from litter boxes, aquariums, and pet beds. Change litter boxes and bird cages daily, and pick up dog waste from your yard every day.

Keep your dog and cat brushed and bathed so there’s less fur stuck to furniture and carpets. Sweep and vacuum daily, and deep clean or replace stained carpet.

Remember, it’s always better to correct problems yourself, rather than offer credits like carpet replacement to the buyer. The fewer negatives the buyer notices, the better the offer to purchase will be.

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