The T Group – Family, Friends, & Philanthropy

T Group

Ever go on vacation and dream about changing your life? 

Matt and Mark Toepfer pictured it. That’s how dental school became a career possibility.

“That’s scary to think about now,” quips Matt.

Back in 2007, the brothers from Shawnee, Kan., decided, while on vacation, that it was time to start their own business. Matt was working in the mortgage industry, and Mark was in IT. For weeks, they wrote careers options on a whiteboard, narrowed the list, and stared at the words, “dental school,” along with some others.

Yet nothing trumped real estate. It allowed the Toepfer brothers, who naturally gravitate towards people, to develop relationships and help those making life-changing decisions.

“The common theme was that we liked to work with people and help people out,” Matt proclaims.

Fourteen years later, it was the decision of a lifetime gone right.

Every Man A Wildcat

Today, Matt and Mark form half the T Group. Nathan Noe and Kevin Husmann make up the other half.

Coincidentally, the foursome attended Kansas State University at the same time (Matt and Kevin were roommates), though they didn’t all know each other then.

That’s dramatically changed. Since joining forces in 2016, the T Group has bonded and become one of Kansas City’s top real estate teams. In fact, they’re one of the elite teams in the country- amongst the top 1% of teams representing Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

“We’re all pretty competitive,” Kevin states. “We want to win. We want to put our best foot forward and do our best for our clients. The details matter. It’s a competitive group.”

“We all left high-paying, successful careers to pursue a passion of real estate,” states Matt. “It was by deliberate choice for all four of us, and I think that plays a huge role in the drive of our team to be successful.”

Stronger Together

Personally, the four are best friends, and it’s this comradery that benefits clients. Instead of one expert opinion, clients get four. That’s a real bonus in an industry that can be heavily subjective.

“We can brainstorm different ideas with each other versus just one person looking at it from one angle,” states Mark. 

“I know I can give an honest opinion and get honest feedback,” Kevin declares. “You’re not getting four iterations of the same thing. There’s no sugarcoating.”

The T Group’s clients, instead, get expert leadership. In addition to Matt and Mark, Kevin served as a former engineering manager, and Nathan was a project manager in the construction industry. Frequently, in real-time, Nathan’s construction background comes in handy for clients.

“You’re able to educate the homeowner while you’re going through the house,” says Nathan. “If you do put an offer on the house, you have an idea how much a repair is going to cost beforehand.”

Giving Back

Most adults volunteering to coach six-year-olds play soccer have a kid on the team. Not Kevin. He’s coaching because his teammates helped inspire him.

Seeing firsthand the Toepfers’ effort to give back – to Children’s Mercy, the Ronald McDonald House Charities, or Habitat for Humanity – motivated Kevin. He’s now a sponsor of Hear 2 help, an organization working to provide hearing aids to children in Kansas.

“It costs about $5,000 a hearing aid, and only half the kids who need them are covered through insurance,” Kevin describes. “I was blessed to be able to do that.” 

Nathan, too, is making a difference. He’s been raising funds for the Growing Funds Early Education Center, an organization geared towards supporting families in Johnson County, Kan.

“Kids need supplies for school,” Nathan says. “Clients have been very good to us through referrals. We enjoy giving back.”

All About Clients

Real estate is a relationship industry. It’s one of service, too. Get these right, and you’ll succeed. Excel at both, and you’ll get the T Group.

Their clients’ needs always matter most.

“Every buyer and seller are different,” Mark says. “We listen to understand them. That’s our priority. If we do that, we’ll best serve them.”

That’s been the mindset since 2007 when the Toepfers established the business. It’s brought them to the top and motivated them for more success.

“All of us have goals that collectively make our team goals,” Matt says. “As a team, I’m pretty proud of where we’re at, and our success is because we put our clients first. There’s no other way to do it.”


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