The Manning Horn Team’s Recipe For Success

L to R: Shea Goebel, Zach Horn, Jeff Manning, Chris Manning, and Maya Patel

In the hyper-competitive world of real estate, help can be hard to come by. Everybody is looking for a leg up – even if it comes at the expense of a teammate. 

That’s not the case for The Manning Horn Team. 

“Many other teams that are out there, in my opinion, would actually step on another team member for their benefit,” broker Jeff Manning said. “I can guarantee you that everybody here is just looking out for each other and trying to take care of everybody’s clients, not take them away from them.” 

A wealth of family ties helped bring this dynamic, multigenerational team together and push them toward upwards of $40 million in volume. 


Manning’s career in real estate began in the mid-1980s after graduating from the University of Kansas with a broadcasting degree. If there was any doubt about real estate being the right career path, some simple advice from a family member provided the necessary clarity.

“My brother advised me that if I couldn’t make $4.50 an hour selling real estate, I should go back to broadcasting,” Manning said.

The finances worked out, and 38 years later, here he is. 

Early in his career, Manning served as a realtor for Shea Goebel’s parents. Eventually, Goebel would join Zach Horn as one of the first two members of The Manning Horn team in 2014. 

Now a broker himself, Horn got connected with Manning through Goebel, whose brother was one of Horn’s best friends in high school and college. After working at a software company in Los Angeles, Horn decided to move back home and join his old buddy in real estate. However, convincing Manning to let him join the team took more than a simple networking connection. 

“(Horn) was persistent,” Manning said. “I told him ‘no’ three times.”

After literally showing up on Manning’s doorstep, the fourth time was the charm for Horn. 

“Everything that I’ve learned in real estate has come from Jeff,” Horn said. 

The family ties don’t stop there. One of the two most recent additions to the team is Chris Manning – Jeff’s nephew – who grew up around the business and started full-time in 2006. 

Once Maya Patel became an agent after starting with the team as an administrative assistant, The Manning Horn Team was complete. 


With a combination of five agents and brokers, The Manning Horn Team now has the city covered. It’s not simply because of the numbers, though. 

“I think the age is a big part of it – we’re all different generations,” Horn said. “I apply to a different audience than Jeff does or Chris does. That’s been a big positive.”

The team can regularly bounce ideas off of each other to get a different perspective from another generation. That often means Manning is sharing the wisdom that comes with nearly four decades in the business. 

“I just had a deal that I was very stressed about,” Patel said. “I got a call the day before closing that it wasn’t going to close. Jeff helped me figure out what we needed to do to make sure everyone was good in the end.”

It is, however, a two-way street. Manning gets plenty of help from the rest of the team with the latest technology in addition to showing houses and going on inspections.

“As much as these guys say they rely on me, I rely on them equally as much,” Manning said. “I wouldn’t have the marketing and the time to do what I’m out here doing without the four of these guys here with me.”

The camaraderie is very apparent. 


Ask most teams about their most significant accomplishment, and you’ll likely hear about numbers or awards. It would be easy for Manning to boast about the volume generated by his team. Instead, his answer is much more profound. 

“This business can run you instead of you running this business,” Manning said. We are all now trying to make a concentrated effort to have more balance in our lives without it affecting our volume. When we have a group that’s willing to help each other like we do, it makes that a lot easier.”

There are tangible business benefits to that approach as well. Horn candidly admits that there have been times during his career where he hasn’t had the available time to follow through on certain promises to clients. That’s not the case now.

“On this team, Maya will show or Chris will show, and they follow through,” Horn said. “I’ve had clients who ended up meeting every single person on the team while I was out of town.”  

The Manning Horn Team’s formula speaks for itself, and there are no signs of changing anytime soon.

“In an industry that gets all tied up in individual statistics, we’re just trying to make sure our clients are served in the best way that we possibly can,” Manning said. 

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, get connected with The Manning Horn Team:


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