The Emotional Side of Downsizing

couplePeople downsize for a variety of reasons, from the “empty nest” syndrome, to convenience or hardship. Here are a few things to consider as you contemplate moving to a smaller home:

Emotional ties: These are among the main barriers to downsizing. Equally, deciding on where to move, and what style will best suit, can be just as daunting.

Detaching those ties: During the downsizing process you may be surprised at how attached you have become to your possessions and how difficult it might seem to part with them. Start getting rid of items a few months before moving. Donate, recycle, put items on e-Bay or give away those items you don’t need. Your move will be much easier with less clutter.

Do some planning: Decorators recommend sketching floor plans for your new home to see where all your current furniture will fit. Don’t wait until you move to discover there’s no room for that armoire.

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