Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

We asked our team of amazing agents and employees to share what brings them joy around Thanksgiving.

Scott Strevell: I’m thankful for the things you’d expect: good health, a loving family, wonderful friends.  Additionally, I’m thankful that my son is settling into his new job in Iowa and thankful that my daughter & future son in-law are successfully finishing up their college education, while juggling the fun challenges of parenthood.

Denise Smith: We have a Turkeyshoot Tournament, with many of the extended family at my brother’s farm in Iowa. My sons or husband have claimed first place and taken the trophy home more than anyone else. We will WIN this year too!

Sarah Nielsen: My husband handles the turkey.  He gets out his surgical gloves, stuffs the turkey, makes some sutures, and carefully carves it as if he were making as series of incisions.  Thanksgiving has become the day our kitchen turns into an operating room.

Christopher Ojeda: My family! Thanksgiving is not complete without turkey and red wine.

Mikki Plaskett: I’m thankful for a wonderful son and that I’ve led a full and exciting life and as I age, I’m healthy and happy. I’m thankful for a wonderful son and that I’ve led a full and exciting life and as I age, I’m healthy and happy.

Rebekah Groebe:  We take turns telling each other what we’re thankful for.  Also, I’m the youngest on my side of the family, so it’s fun to hear stories about my family that I’m either too young to remember or that happened before I was born.

Marc Branham: My kids are the coolest! And I always look forward to the food coma.

Don and Kathy Mayer: We are thankful for our strong faith, large family and long time friends.

Trish Charlons (Kansas City Title): My wonderful but quirky family. Thankful to make the Thanksgiving dressing with my 94 year old grandmother that has to have it just her way, no other will do.

Anita Partain: That I come from and belong to such a loving family! Our gathering is very large and we usually take a group walk after dinner.

Donna Varady: Having a job and working with an amazing team of people. This is like a second home!

Chris Hutchings: I’m thankful for family, the memories made and new memories to come. Oh and the Epic battles at the annual Country Lake Estates Turkey Bowl, North vs the South.

Sue Klinksick: My loving family and friends. I always enjoy tasting all of the amazing side dishes and desserts, much better than the turkey.

Aaron Olla: My amazing loving wife and 3 perfect children.

Michael Armentrout: We spend Thanksgiving at my Grandma’s house in Chicago, eating, watching football, and playing games throughout the day/night, love Thanksgiving!

Karen Riley: Perfect health, clear thinking, high energy at 74 years on this planet!

Nancy Ann Durrill: Family, Friends & business. It has been a great 32  years with the best Broker in this business. Thanksgiving is always at our Farm with 48 to 55 family members on both sides.

What are you thankful for this year?

Friday Feature: Lisa Rater

Today’s Friday Feature is all about Lisa Rater from our Lenexa Office.

Q: Share one fun fact others might not know about you? 

L: I witnessed a tornado when I was younger and I have had a fascination with weather every since. I would like to storm chase to witness tornadic activity and other storms.

Q: What do you like best about being a REALTOR? 

L: This career allows you to basically set your own destiny, that’s what attracted me. For 30 years I was a licensed assistant for one of the top agents in Kansas City. I learned from the best! Then the day came where I decided to set my own destiny.

I love when I help my clients achieve their dreams, whether it’s buying or selling. Real estate is going to be the most expensive investment these people make in their life. So, when I can find a buyer’s dream home, that’s what excites me. When I can get a fantastic offer on the sale of a seller’s home, I’m in heaven. I love when I can achieve the goals on both sides of the table.

It’s fast moving, its faced paced, it’s ever changing. You’re never doing the same thing twice. Each house is different, each buyer is different. There are so many variables: the economy is one, home prices is one, interest rates is one. I love the challenges of listings and the creativity that’s a part of marketing homes.

You make of it what you want!

Q: What do you like best about working for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Kansas City Realty?

L: The main reason for choosing Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices was Jim and Jeff Manning.

The Manning’s have been highly respected in the real estate community for years and pose the enthusiasm, integrity and professionalism I was seeking.

Ultimately, the company I selected had more to do with the people within that particular office than it did with the name on the outside of the door or even the commission structure.

Not to say the name “Warren Buffett” isn’t a proven name for success. When has the man ever gone wrong, Right? I do see the Cabernet and Cream sign being a presence in the real estate force. The brand is dedicated to the enhancement of skills and professionalism of all real estate professionals – newcomers and industry veterans alike.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share with the world?

L: We have a wonderful support staff at BHHS Kansas City Realty who are very helpful and supportive.

Want to connect with Lisa? Visit her website or give her a call!

Lisa Rater
(913) 206-4600