A green lawn gets attention.

mowerHomebuyers pay as much attention to the exterior of a home as the inside. They want to envision their kids playing in the yard, friends coming over for barbeques and lazy afternoons laying on the lawn.

Sure, bring in flowers, trim the bushes and paint the deck. But don’t forget the lawn. It’s important to get it in shape before showing your home.

Consistent care is key. Failure to invest in long-term turf care can cause a number of problems with your lawn. Give your grass the fertilizing and seasonal treatments it deserves:

  • In the spring, keep the grass high—removing more than a third of the total blade height when mowing can remove the food-producing parts of the blades resulting in a brown lawn.
  • Leave clippings on the lawn to help recycle important nutrients.
  • Water deeply (down to a depth of 6 inches) and less frequently, than lightly and more often.
  • If your lawn dulls in color or begins to wilt, then your lawn needs water.

Grass also acts like a natural air conditioner that cools the air as it releases water vapor through its blades. Lawns are a safer surface for children to play on and provide the cool comfort we desire on hot days. Those are selling points that can help any home sale.

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